9 December 2011

Stadium Management SA has warmed the hearts of 250 children and learners from the Teboho Trust by inviting them to attend the scheduled ABSA Premiership match between Kaizer Chiefs and FS Stars to be played on 17 December 2011 at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium. “This time of year is perfect to thank the Teboho Trust for everything they do year round for the disadvantaged children they take care of. If not for the Trust, thousands of children / teens would not have stayed in school and done well academically, matriculated, attend and graduate from university and have professional jobs. Their relative caregivers, mentors, advocates, social workers and volunteers provide safe, stable and nurturing environments for these children and youth. Their caring commitment is critical for ending the cycles of neglect, abuse or other family crisis issues that often prevent a child from reaching his or her full potential”, commented Jacques Grobbelaar, CEO of Stadium Management SA.

The existence of Teboho Trust is a result of the vision of Jose Bright, CEO of the Bright Group, which was established in 1999. He created The Trust in 2001 as a unique “Community Empowerment Model” based on the commitment to build a better tomorrow today by increasing educational opportunities for children and youths neglected by society (e.g., orphan, vulnerable and / or at-risk children, teens and youths). In its nine year history, it has become a vehicle to empower the community by educating the children / teens and bringing economic self-reliance through small business development for youths and adult caregivers of the Teboho Trust children / teens.

What one man started nine years ago is now owned and managed by the people from the community. The children themselves have a voice in the management and direction of the organisation through their elected representatives in the Learner Governing Body. The community also has a voice in the governance and management of Teboho Trust through the Parent / Guardian Advisory Board. Grannies in particular work with the Teboho Trust staff to ensure that the children / teens maximise their experience from the empowerment opportunities offered by the organisation. People from the community now come forward to initiate empowerment activities for the children / teens. Community builders now come to partner with Teboho Trust to reach out to more young people and adults looking to be empowered and reach their full potential. The City of Jo’burg has partnered with the Trust to reach out to more Sowetans. Corporate South Africa as well as international supporters have come forward to contribute to their work and children. Local, national, regional and international individuals, NGOs, public sector and private sector now share the passion of one man. “Together we are making a substantial impact in the lives of many”, said Jose Bright.

Since February 2001, Teboho Trust has empowered children / teens to excel academically and avoid the pitfalls of poverty and adolescence. “Stadium Management SA truly appreciates the Trust’s dedication and hope the community recognizes, as we do, the valuable role Teboho Trust plays in building brighter futures for the next generation. It is through the positive efforts of people like them that we can change a lifetime for a child in need”, added Jacques Grobbelaar.