30 October 2013

Stadium Management South Africa is pleased to announce that it has appointed two new Board Members. Mr Gladwin Khangale and Miss Lindiwe Nkosi will join the board as Non-Executive Directors.

Mr Gladwin Khangale is the appointed Managing Trustee of the SMSA Trust; which is funded by Stadium Management SA. The trust is committed to community development programs, skills development and skills transfer programs. The trust together with its trustees have dedicated projects implemented since 2011 to ensure that the Stadiums work with and for the community, promoting issues of mutual interest, helping to make Johannesburg an even better place to live, work and play.

Miss Lindiwe Nkosi is the newly appointed Managing Trustee of the SMSA Employee PDI Trust. The newly established PDI Trust has adopted a performance based long term incentive program designed to encourage and reward good workplace performance. The aim of the Trust is to provide previously disadvantaged employees with an opportunity to share in the capital gain of Stadium Management South Africa. This trust has been specifically established for the employees of the company that fall within the scope of a previously disadvantaged individual and is there to promote nation building and social cohesion.

Stadium Management CEO; Mr Jacques Grobbelaar welcomed the new Board Members; “the SMSA team has shown phenomenal commitment and pride in sustaining our stadia since 2010, with each employee having a sense of ownership; transformation and growth is imminent in the future of stadium management in the country”.