18 March 2015

Metrorail a proud service of PRASA announces special trains available to One Direction’s “On the Road Again Tour 2015” music concert. Metrorail has over the years successfully transported thousands of fans to various concerts in Gauteng. Once again, all roads will be leading to the One Direction music concert on Saturday, 28 March and Sunday, 29 March 2015 at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. Metrorail invites all fans to travel by train to see their superstars performing live at FNB Stadium and avoid the hassle of traffic jams and parking worries associated with such big events. Fans are encouraged to experience the use of  Metrorail’s unique, safe and convenient Park ʼn Rail facilities available for both days at a cost of R30 only daily. Park n Rail facility includes a return trip, free secured parking available on a first come first serve basis, visible security escort on board the trains, visible customer service support at platforms and on board the trains. Parking facilities are available at the stopping stations.

Six (6) trains have been arranged on both days respectively for fans travelling from Pretoria, Randfontein, Springs directly to Nasrec Station, which is a five minute walk from FNB stadium. In addition, two scheduled shuttle trains will operate between Johannesburg Park Station and Nasrec. Fans can purchase their train tickets  from Metrorail ticket offices at any of the listed stopping stations in advance or on the day of their travel. The train schedule is as follows:

  • PRETORIA ◄► NASREC: Train number 5500/2240 will depart from Pretoria Station at 17:23, Centurion – 17:35, Kempton Park – 18:14, Rhodesfield – 18:16, Germiston – 18:38, Johannesburg – 19:00, arriving in Nasrec at 19:30. Departure after concert from Nasrec is from 00:20 and arriving back in Pretoria at 01:57.
  • PRETORIA ◄► NASREC: Train number 5502/2242 will depart from Pretoria Station at 17:33, Centurion – 17:45, Kempton Park – 18:24, Rhodesfield – 18:26, Germiston – 18:48, Johannesburg – 19:10, arriving in Nasrec at 19:40. Departure after concert from Nasrec is from 00:25 and arriving back in Pretoria at 02:02.
  • RANDFONTEIN ◄► NASREC: Train 2215/6/7, departing from Randfontein – 18:37, Krugersdorp – 18:52, Roodepoort – 19:10, Florida – 19:17, arriving in Nasrec at 19:50. Departure after concert from Nasrec – Train no 2238/9/40 at 00:40, arriving in Randfontein at 01:53.
  • SPRINGS – NASREC – SPRINGS: Train 2212/3 departing from Springs at 18:10 to, Benoni – 18:33, Germiston – 18:53, Johannesburg – 19:15 arriving in Nasrec at 19:45. Departure after concert from Nasrec Train no 2235/6 at 00:30, arriving in Springs at 02:05.
  • Shuttle service from Johannesburg to Nasrec: There will be two (2) dedicated train sets shuttling between Johannesburg Park Station and Nasrec. First shuttle trains to run from Johannesburg as follows: 17:45, 18:15, 18:55 and 19:05 to Nasrec Station. After the concert, all shuttle trains will return back to Park Station at 00:15 and 00:35.

Commuters are advised to follow and observe the set train travel times for convenience by arriving early at the station. No trains will be provided outside the set times.

Safety of employees and commuters is a priority for Metrorail and all fans are requested to  be rail safety vigilant while travelling in our trains by observing the do’s and don’ts in our operational environment.

For more information, please visit our website, www.metrorail.co.za and Go Metro on www.gometro.co.za to get up-to-the-minute train schedules to plan your journey.