15 December 2016

Stadium Management SA (SMSA) was proud to host a children’s home from Sasolburg, whose dreams came true when they visited FNB Stadium for the first time.

For some of the orphaned children it was a first time going on an excursion – let alone inside an elevator – as they were afforded a venue tour, some early Christmas sweets and cupcakes in one of the hospitality suites.

The touching story of The Shack, the orphanage place, starts with Michelle “Nandi” Barnard who was orphaned herself after being thrown into a dirt box as an infant, adopted by a black family, paid the costs for mixing with the wrong crowd in her youth, became sangoma and is now facing her own personal strife battling cancer.

By chance, Michelle met with SMSA Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Grobbelaar, who went on to regularly donate to the home before SMSA offered to give ‘little’ for the charming children and offering them a first time experience of one of the most recognisable Stadiums in the world. It was a fitting Christmas present for children who will not be as fortunate as others will be this festive period.

Day by day, The Shack lives not knowing where meals will come from the following evening.

“I’m battling cancer at the moment but God has given me the strength to find a way,” said Barnard. “Although I’m struggling myself but I always give to others I do whatever I can.”

Barnard broke into tears trying to explain her first FNB Stadium experience.

“This is the biggest honour. Coming here (to FNB Stadium) for the first time in all my life, meeting SMSA staff…we (The Shack) stood out for what we are doing for others.”

For further assistance to The Shack in Sasolburg and any form of donation, please reach Michelle on 079 948 2227.