23 May 2017

Stadium Management South Africa (SMSA) continues to leave a lasting legacy through the work of the SMSA Trust in surrounding Soweto as it continues to provide sustainable opportunities for the communities.

Among the list of SMSA initiatives, they include the Community Cleaning Project, the Community Waste Management Plan, the Orlando Pirates Learning Centre (Orlando Stadium), the Soweto Motorbike Training School (Rand Stadium), Community Training Football Pitch (FNB Stadium B Field), Informal Traders, Ekhaya Health and Fitness Centre (Dobsonville Stadium) and Community Golf Driving Range at FNB Stadium.

With the objective of ensuring that the Stadiums work with and for the community, promote issues of mutual interest, helping to make Johannesburg an even better place to live, work and play – the social investment programme has invested R5, 327,125 to community projects while creating nearly 24 500 job opportunities since August 2013.

The SMSA initiatives work under the following compliance guidelines:

  • Precinct Community Program
  • Social Inclusion
  • Sustainable Community Projects

Below is the list of SMSA legacy programmes:

The objective of this project is to alleviate unemployment in surrounding community areas by utilising community members to assist in the cleaning of stadiums during all of the events taking place.
The aim is to provide permanent employment and upskill community members to conduct the damage assessments of the stadiums after events has taken place.
The objective is to assist the informal traders living and trading in the surrounding communities to earn a living to support their families and grow their small business into a profitable enterprise.
The aim is to provide the members of the surrounding communities with access to a golf driving range and to improve their skills through sports development.
SMSA is assisting Ekhaya Health to provide the surrounding community with accessible and affordable health and wellness care.
This project is assisting Orlando Pirates to uplift and develop the community in the area surrounding the Orlando Stadium through educational initiatives which has been created specifically for the learners in Orlando and its surroundings.
The objective is to assist the communities surrounding the stadiums by making them part of the recycling process at all of the events and thereafter donating the funds received from the recycling to a special project in that community.
The aim is to assist the Soweto Motorbike Training School to become a profitable enterprise that is supported by SMSA. It is operated by renowned motorbike expert, Alfred “King Donut” Matamela.
The objective is to provide the surrounding communities with a world class training pitch to improve their football skills and overall sports development.