10 October 2017

Against strong competition, Jacques Grobbelaar has been confirmed as a finalist in the 15th annual National Business Awards, in the categories BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR and the BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD respectively. He will compete for the Winner’s Trophy on 16 November, at Emperors Palace, against list other finalists in your category.

Commenting on the achievement, Grobbelaar said, “I was very proud to hear this news from Awards organizers Top Media and Communications. It’s been a tough year in business and becoming a Finalist in these prestigious awards is a testament – from an external, industry- credible source – to the hard work I’ve been putting in. Top Media and Communications has been refining its rigorous research and qualification criteria for almost two decades, so I know this is an accolade of substance. Congratulations should also go to my fellow finalists – good luck to us all on awards night.”

For a decade and a half, the National Business Awards, has awarded outstanding results by both individuals and companies in an array of categories. According to Top Media and Communications Marketing and Events Director Karla Fletcher ‘Our judges were seriously impressed by the caliber of entries received this year. Divining winners from finalists will not be easy for them. Every business leader has a core vision they pursue, whether it is to be an innovator, a game changer, a job creator or an inspiring and mentoring leader. The marketplace should know that all of our finalists have been astutely researched and shown to be the best at what they do’.

Through their recognition on the national stage, past National Business Awards finalists and winners have ignited the ambition of peers in their sector to pursue a similar high water-mark and Grobbelaar aims to do the same.