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4 December 2017

Cassper Nyovest just made South African history once again, being the first hip-hop artiste to ever hold a concert at the FNB Stadium with an amazing turnout.

Chanel 24 reports that the 28-yr-old planned to triple the audience members from his first ‘fill up concert’ by filling up Africa’s largest stadium.

Going by the visuals gathered from the event, Cassper seems to have done just that.

He did make history from selling out all the golden circle tickets to bringing in a crowd large enough to literally fill out the 75, 000 capacity stadium.

According to the reports, the stadium was not only filled to capacity but by 9 pm, the other seating areas had a significant amount of concertgoers.

This hardly covers the crowd which was outside the arena as the gates had been closed.

Public Relations manager, Sheila Afari, said that Cassper managed to sell an estimated, whopping 68, 000 tickets which is triple the amount at his fill up concert at the Ticket Pro Dome in 2015.

The hitmaker announced two years ago that he would be attempting to fill up the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg but of course, few took him seriously.

The “Doc Shebeleza” rapper proved everyone wrong and went on to pull a crowd of 20, 000 – making history as the first South African hip-hop artiste to sell out a venue of that capacity without the help of an international act.

Shortly after that, he announced that he would take his cause a step further by attempting to fill up Orlando Stadium which has approximately 40, 000 seats – which is twice the amount the Dome sits.

Cassper achieved this dream in 2016, filling the Orlando Stadium, although unlike his first mega concert, the tickets were not sold out, although they did get close.

Three years later, the rapper has achieved his dream again.

Legendary house DJ, DJ Sbu, while speaking to DRUM, said that he feels he is beyond just proud of Caspper.

“I’m not even proud of Cassper,” said the DJ.

“I’m proud of his mom, his dad, his family, HHP, I’m proud of Mafikeng and all who contributed to his success.

“Refiloe Cassper has been an amazing tool that has made this generation believe that they can,” he said.

Big kudos to him!