25 April 2018

Stadium Management South Africa (SMSA) has been made aware of a number of allegations specifically in reference to SMSA seen to be directly supporting Mr. Ace Ngcobo in his recent running battles with SAFA.

SMSA would like to categorically state that we provide our facilities for hire, and this includes the hiring of our auditorium and conference facilities when requested. The FNB Stadium auditorium stage displays permanent branding for SMSA. Individuals who hire the facility and make use of the stage for photo opportunities or press conference do so with no affiliation to SMSA.

SMSA is a commercial entity with no affiliations to any sporting bodies and hires this facility out based on availability with the caveat that there is no potential conflict with the image of the SMSA brand, their values and what they stand for.

Our facilities have been hired by a number of different organizations and sporting bodies such as SAFA, the Premier Soccer League, professional football clubs, the Soweto Marathon and the Soweto Drift Academy to name only a few.

SMSA is concerned by allegations that the rental of the auditorium, by Mr. Ace Ngcobo on three separate occasions thereby serves as direct support of Mr. Ngcobo. SMSA wishes to, state on the record, that it does not support any specific individuals and that as an independent corporation we support the development of sporting bodies such as SAFA.

To this point, we have an excellent working relationship with SAFA and look forward to playing a role in a number of international football events that may arise on the football calendar in the future.

The allegations made that indicate that SMSA is in support of Mr. Ace Ngcobo have also highlighted claims that SMSA has anonymous shareholders with hidden agendas. This is absolutely not the case and as per the companies act, anyone (with an appointment) is welcome to the stadium to inspect our company records and our shareholders register.