20 May 2018

Our CEO, Jacques Grobbelaar, received the following letter from Jesus J. Moran, the CEO of the World Confederation of Businesses:

It is my pleasure to greet you once again and welcome you as an Elite Member of the WORLDCOB family. I thank you on behalf of our Confederation for the trust you have placed in us and pledge to continue working for you and providing benefits that foster the development of your company.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I offer you my heartfelt congratulations on being selected as one of the companies that have earned the special edition THE PEAK OF SUCCESS award, which is only given out to companies that have been winners in previous editions of THE BIZZ and have remained at the peak of success. We know that it was not easy for your company to reach the top, but it is even more noteworthy to see that you have remained there.

I would like to congratulate you once again on this well-deserved recognition, and ask that you extend our congratulations to the rest of your team. We invite you to make use of every benefit we offer, and participate in all activities organized by WORLDCOB for 2018. We remind you that our Institutional Department and our entire organization are here to serve you.

Yours truly,

Jesus J. Moran
Chief Executive Officer