26 May 2018
By Bel Booker

Staging an event costs a lot of money, right? There’s the venue to be paid for, the entertainment, the marketing, and not to mention all the food and drink.

With these expenses in mind, you might think running a live event for your business or organisation is out of your budget? However, looking at data from Eventbrite’s 2018 Pulse Report showing what organisers are actually spending on their events, you might be surprised.

We asked event organisers about their event budgets, the majority of whom work for a charity or non-profit (36%), small to medium-sized business (17%), or run events for themselves (16%).

The top reasons for running events are to provide education and training (43%), bring the community together (30%), build business relationships (29%), and raise brand awareness (20%). A further 19% run events to generate a profit through ticket sales.

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