2 July 2018

Inaugural supporters include Carling Black Label and Takuwami Riime!

The incidences of femicide in South Africa is five times the global average and one in five women are assaulted by their partner. It is a problem that has a devastating impact on the lives of individuals and families, in South Africa and in every country around the world.

A bold new movement, called #NoExcuse, launched on the 13th of November 2017 and will initially run during the annual 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. #NoExcuse is a long-term, five-year initiative, with the inaugural supporters being Carling Black Label and Takuwami Riime! – a consortium of non-governmental and civic organisations that focus on driving positive change amongst South African men.

The holistic approach is aimed at driving awareness, creating conversations and providing tools for people to take positive action as a means of driving a change. #NoExcuse refers to there being no excuse for men to perpetrate any form of violence, and no excuse for people to stand by and do nothing when others abuse.

Andrea Quaye, Vice President Marketing, SAB and AB InBev Africa, says: “Our decision to be an inaugural supporter of the #NoExcuse movement was driven by Carling Black Label’s status as a beacon of masculinity. As the largest beer brand in the country, it is our responsibility to ensure alcohol is consumed responsibly and to use the power of our brand to challenge South African men and our consumers to take action.

While many consumers of alcohol drink responsibly and in moderation, it is clear that some people who commit acts of violence have consumed, and often misused, alcohol.

“There are no excuses for not getting involved and we hope to get the nation behind us in tackling the issue of gender based violence. Over time, we would encourage more corporates to join this movement.”

The approach is aligned with AB InBev’s Global Smart Drinking Goals aimed at fostering a culture of smart drinking amongst consumers and reducing the harmful use of alcohol: http://www.ab-inbev.com/better-world/a-healthier-world/global-smart-drinking-goals.html

Through the Global Smart Drinking Goals, SAB and AB InBev are making a deeper investment in initiatives that measurably shift social norms and behaviours to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. AB InBev has committed to investing $1-billion USD across the world in dedicated social marketing campaigns and related programs by 2025 to promote Smart Drinking.

The #NoExcuse movement is initially being launched with a thought-provoking television commercial developed to bring awareness to the reality of gender-based violence and the effect is has on lives, families, and communities, followed up by on-the-ground activations.

The ongoing #NoExcuse activations will include:

  • The creation of a #NoExcuse website, noexcuseSA.com, with suggestions and information on how Champion Men can get involved and what they can do to stop violence in their families, communities and more broadly;
  • A call on men to make a pledge to the movement and to take a stand against gender based violence;
  • Continued engagement on our digital and other platforms to advise our consumers of, and channel them to work, with those programmes that NGO’s are running to tackle gender based violence;
  • Working with NGO partners to develop an online tool that will function as an always-on virtual counsellor. The Facebook Messenger Bot will engage key audiences and supply resources based on user interaction to allow for continuous and anonymous engagement on gender based violence for help;
  • A communications campaign on local district radio stations, as well as on social media, educating consumers on the role they can play to get involved and address gender based violence.
  • Educating and challenging men through the Smart Drinking Squad, an initiative by South African Breweries (SAB) where 100 SAB employees will work with more than 10 000 taverns in key provinces to educate tavern owners and communities to increase participation and ownership in alcohol harm reduction;
  • Two events organized and driven by Takuwane Riime!:
    • The Man’s March will take place on International Men Day in Cape Town on Sunday, 19 November 2017, with a mass demonstrative march to the South African Parliament, under a clarion call of Ending Gender-based Violence, culminating in a Men’s Declaration anyone can sign in support of ending violence against women by visiting www.noexcuseSA.com;
    • A round table discussion on 18th November 2017 in Cape Town which will include senior government and civil society leaders discussing issues related to gender- based violence and how to tackle

Background Takuwani Riime

‘Takuwani Riime!’, a Venda expression meaning “Let Us Stand Up Together!”, is a consortium of organisations working with men and boys who have come together to drive positive change among South African men. Takuwani Riime! is supported by the South African National Aids Council (SANAC), and key stakeholders include the presidency, government departments, several UN organisations and sector NGO’s.

AB InBev Global Smart Drinking Goals:

Our Commitment to Smart Drinking:

  • Multi-year City Pilots: Reduce the harmful use of alcohol by at last 10% in six pilot cities by the end of 2020. Implement the best practice globally by end of
  • Social Norms: Influence social norms and individual behaviors to reduce harmful alcohol use by investing at least $1 billion USD across our markets in dedicated social marketing campaigns and related programs by the end of
  • Product Portfolio: Ensure that no- or lower- alcohol beer products represent at least 20% of AB InBev’s global beer volume by the end of 2025.
  • Alcohol Health Literacy: Place a guidance label on all of our beer products in all of our markets by the end of 2020. Increase alcohol health literacy by the end of 2025.