10 September 2018

Stadium Management SA strives to be the industry leader, continuously provide world-class services, professionalism and experiences at its venues, and make a positive impact in its surrounding communities.

Stadium Management SA (SMSA) is South Africa’s leading stadium management group. It operates solely in the City of Johannesburg and manages four flagship stadiums, namely the FNB Stadium, Orlando Stadium, Dobsonville Stadium and Rand Stadium. While these venues are indeed government-owned, they are privately and independently administered by SMSA on a full financial risk basis, yet SMSA receives no management fees, subsidies or grants. This means that SMSA independently funds the commercial business of these multipurpose, adaptable venues to ensure that they are and remain capable of hosting world-class events across the sports and entertainment industries, as well as conferences and political rallies.

Management of these multimillion-rand venues entails the provision of services in various industries, including:

  • Finance and commerce: sponsorship, advertising, retail, stakeholder return and investment, commercial rights management, home teams.
  • Operations and facilities management: support services, catering, hospitality, maintenance, pitch management, cleaning, waste management, security, health and safety.
  • Event planning: security and disaster management, local authority collaboration, transport and parking, technical and event management, emergency and police services.

SMSA is dedicated to stimulating enterprise opportunities for the local community and prides itself on a proven track record of integrity, trust, innovation, collaboration and superior service delivery. SMSA strives to be the leader in the industry and continuously provide world-class services, professionalism and experiences at its venues. This, of course, requires astute business management skills and experienced leadership, which are embodied by the man at the top, CEO Dr Jacques Grobbelaar.

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