4 December 2018

Stadium Management SA CEO, Dr. Jacques Grobbelaar, received the following message from a concerned concertgoer:

Looking back at what we experienced at the Guns n’ Roses concert on Thursday, it should have been an indication that all hell would break loose on Sunday at the Global Citizens concert.

It was chaos  Рmy family and friends lives were put at risk due to the bad management of the Park and Ride facilities, pickup and drop off points.

We at SMSA take these complaints very seriously and that we will, together with our partners at Big Concerts, drive a concerted effort to ensure that a formal investigation will be conducted and that the law enforcement agencies be held accountable for its failures on the evening of 2 December 2018 at the NASREC precinct and guarantee minimum service delivery levels in future.

Please accept and share our humble apology. We at SMSA will not stand away from the problem and accept our joint and several responsibility to do whatever we are allowed to do at law to ensure that incidents of this nature will never ever repeat itself.