Note that in terms of Section 15 of the Merchandise Marks Act and the Government Notice, there is an unconditional and indefinite prohibition against the use of words, devices, logos, pictures and drawings of the Stadium (or drawings which may be confusingly similar) in connection with any trade, business, profession, occupation, or trade mark.

The City of Johannesburg, moreover, is the owner of copyright in the pictures of the Stadium. In terms of Section 23 of the Copyright Act, the images, in any manner or form (otherwise than in a cinematographic film, television broadcast or diffusion service) of the Stadium will infringe the aforesaid copyright unless done with the authority of SMSA.

The City of Johannesburg and Stadium Management entered into the Stadium Management Agreement in terms of which Stadium Management has been appointed exclusively, to render all commercial and operational management services in respect of the Stadium and accordingly has been granted the exclusive and full use and control of the Stadium and is the exclusive licensee and exclusive delegate of the City of Johannesburg’s aforesaid rights and copyright.

We can enter into an Image Right Agreement with you and your company to use the image (of the Stadium) in connection with its campaign.

In order to ascertain the cost implication associated please contact us.

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