Sound and Image Recordings and Prohibited Use of Tickets

  1. Any Ticket Holder [to be defined as anyone who purchases, holds or uses a Ticket – e. including the holder of a purchasable ticket, a complimentary ticket, a hospitality tickets and/or a VIP ticket] attending a Match [to be defined as home match of the Club in the League and/or any of the Cup Competitions] acknowledges that (i) the Club and PSL jointly own and control all commercial and intellectual property rights in relation to the Match and the Competition [to be defined as the League and/or Cup Competition Match]; and (ii) the Match is a public event that is being recorded and commercialized by the Club and PSL. To the greatest extent permitted by applicable laws, any person attending the Match:-
    1. unconditionally agrees that use may be made in perpetuity and without any territorial restrictions, for commercial purposes or otherwise, free of charge or any compensation, of his/her voice, moving or still image, photograph and likeness by means of live or recorded video display, broadcast, streaming, uploading, posting or other transmission or recording, photographs or any other current and/or future media technologies (now known or hereinafter invented and/or devised), and
    2. irrevocably consents to the use of such voice, image, photograph or likeness by the Club and/or PSL or any third parties authorised by the Club and/or PSL to use such
  2. Any Ticket Holder attending a Match consents to the use of image recording devices for any commercial purposes as well as safety and security purposes. Each Ticket Holder waives in advance all rights and actions seeking to oppose such use, subject to applicable The Club and PSL (and any third parties authorised by the Club and/or PSL with respect to the use of such media) will be bound by, and comply with, all applicable laws with respect to any use they may make of such media.
  3. Ticket Holders are strictly prohibited to:-
    1. record, upload, post or transmit any sound, moving or still image or description of the Match;
    2. collect, transmit or distribute by any means any result, data or statistic of the Match other than for private use; and
    3. disseminate any sound, moving or still image, description, data, result or statistic of the Match, in whole or in part, for any sort of public access, irrespective of the transmission form, whether over the internet, radio, television, computer, mobile phone, data accessory or via any media or platform, other digital technology, networks for distribution, display, communication or further functionality such as social media platforms or blogs, websites, apps or similar media tools, or any other current and/or future media (now known or hereinafter invented and/or devised).
  4. Ticket Holders may not assist any other person(s) to conduct such
  5. Ticket Holders may not use a Ticket for any commercial purposes whatsoever, including but not limited to any promotions or advertising activities, the use as a prize or reward in a competition, sweepstake or the use for the collection and/or distribution of any match-related data, unless this has been expressly authorised by the Club and PSL in writing prior to such

Any violation of the General Terms & Conditions regulating the Purchase and Use of Tickets, in addition to the other rights and remedies that the Club may have, the ticket be automatically cancelled once a violation is identified with the right of the Club to, amongst others, eject the Ticket Holder from the Stadium and seize the Ticket.


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