Stadium Management SA (SMSA) is South Africa’s leading stadium management group managing four flagship stadiums in the Metropolitan of Johannesburg, namely the iconic FNB, historic Orlando, Dobsonville and Rand. These government-owned venues are privately and independently administered by SMSA on a full financial risk basis with the significance of this being that, SMSA does not receive any management fee, subsidy or grant. This means that SMSA independently funds the commercial business of these multi-purpose, adaptable venues capable of hosting world class events in the sports and entertainment industries, as well as conferences and political rallies.

Management of these multi-million rand venues entails services in various industries including finance and commerce (sponsorship, advertising, retail, stakeholder return and investment, commercial rights management, home teams); operations and facilities management (support services, catering, hospitality, maintenance, pitch management, cleaning, waste management, security, health and safety) and event planning (security and disaster management, local authority collaboration, transport and parking, technical and event management, emergency and police services).

SMSA is dedicated to stimulating enterprise opportunities for the local community and prides itself on a proven track record of integrity, trust, innovation, collaboration and superior service delivery. SMSA strives to be the leaders in the industry and to continuously provide world class services, professionalism and experiences at its venues.

SMSA is committed to providing opportunities and making a positive impact on the lives of its surrounding communities. The Stadium Management Trust was formed to provide such opportunities to the underprivileged and previously disadvantaged members in its communities. This has been and is continuously done through various projects which include providing job opportunities, feeding schemes, stadium tours, complimentary tickets and internships.

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Stadiums & venues - the trend towards commercialisation & active risk management. A new breed of entrepreneur has successfully transformed the once loss-making sports & entertainment industry and the stadiums & venues which they operate into commercial, risk managed money making propositions.

SMSA - A Stakeholder's Perspective

We would like to thank each and every one of our valued stakeholders, supporters and friends for taking the time to submit their thoughts to us for "A Stakeholders' Perspective". We trust that you will enjoy the read.

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SMSA were appointed by the City of Johannesburg in 2009. In contrast to other management fee based/municipal council based stadium management operations, SMSA is responsible for all the costs in managing the stadium. SMSA is self-funded and does not receive any management fee, subsidy or grant.


Contact Details

Phone: 0861 STADIUM
Fax: +27 11 247 5310

Our Mission

SMSA strives to be the leaders in the industry and to continuously provide world class services, professionalism and experiences at its venues.

Nominated Directors

Russell Stephens
Executive Chairman

Barry Pollen


Bertie Grobbelaar
Managing Director

Marilize Small
Director Corporate Support

Mbali Zondi
Director Hospitality and Ticketing

Felicity Phohlele
Director Commercial

Vhonani Ndou
Director Financial

Gladwin Khangale
Director Event Support Services

Nooraine Shamshoodeen
Director Administration

Ricky Meyer
Operation Director

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