Overall Goal and Objectives

SMSA Trust will work to ensure that the Stadiums work with and for the community, promoting issues of mutual interest, helping to make Johannesburg an even better place to live, work and play.The trust will positively work to represent its community, stakeholders, supporters and staff and to encourage future investment.


Our pledges will be acted upon working In-house, facilitated outreach programmes or joint projects with local or central government, across our stadiums and throughout Johannesburg by engaging in a range of community initiatives and projects, educational and skills initiatives – building upon the social responsibility role and embracing the issues that affect the local areas.

Corporate Social Investment Projects, 2010 - 2018
7 January 2019

The projects and programmes the SMSA Trust has implemented.


Corporate Social Investment Statistics
4 August 2018

Total Financial Investment and Total Employment Opportunities Created - July 2018.

Independent Competent Person's Report
30 January 2018

This ICP letter indicates the percentage beneficiaries represented by the entity which are black as defined by the Amended Codes of Good Practice (gazette no.36928).


SMSA Trust Projects, February 2019
9 April 2019

An infographic of the impact and financial investment for various Trust projects.


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