The SMSA Trust has already made an impact on various orphanages and children’s homes and the community at large by giving them the opportunity to visit a world class facility and to attend football games and international concerts for the very first time. The SMSA Trust has spent over R7-million on all of its community projects. Some of the current projects are:

Community Cleaning Project

The objective of this project is to alleviate unemployment in surrounding community areas by utilising community members to assist in the cleaning of stadiums during all of the events taking place.

Community Damage Assessment Project

The aim is to provide permanent employment and upskill community members to conduct the damage assessments of the stadiums after events has taken place.

Informal Traders

The objective is to assist the informal traders living and trading in the surrounding communities to earn a living to support their families and grow their small business into a profitable enterprise.

Community Golf Driving Range

The aim is to provide the members of the surrounding communities with access to a golf driving range and to improve their skills through sports development.

Ekhaya Health and Wellness Centre

SMSA is assisting Ekhaya Health to provide the community surrounding the Dobsonville stadium with accessible and affordable health and wellness care.

Orlando Pirates Learning Centre and Rand Stadium Training Centre

This project is assisting Orlando Pirates to uplift and develop the community in the area surrounding the Orlando Stadium through educational initiatives which has been created specifically for the learners in Orlando and its surroundings.

Community Waste Recycling Project

The objective is to assist the communities surrounding the stadiums by making them part of the recycling process at all of the events and thereafter donating the funds received from the recycling to a special project in that community.

Soweto Motorbike Training School

The aim is to assist the Soweto Motorbike Training School to become a profitable enterprise that is supported by SMSA and the community surrounding the Rand Stadium area.

The Soweto Drift Academy

The aim is to assist the Soweto Drift Academy to become a profitable enterprise, providing the community with access to the legal drifting.

Community Football Training Pitch

The objective is to provide the surrounding communities with a world class training pitch to improve their football skills and to host regular community football tournaments (i.e., sports development).

SMSA Football Club

The aim is to assist the team to win their respective leagues and continue to promote the development of the football game and keeping the youth of the street, by providing them with a healthy alternative to spend their excess time.

Mama Joy (Pty) Ltd

The aim is to render optimum customer service to their clients with guaranteed satisfaction on their first- rate line of products handled with the finest workmanship and exceptional performance delivered timely and efficiently to meet the customer’s and/or clients need at all times.

Ad Hoc Projects

These projects and donations that have been undertaken by the SMSA Trust to fit the objectives as stipulated in the trust deed. All of these projects have been implemented and have been a huge success.

Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP)

The Expanded Public Work Program (EPWP) is one of the many programmes offered by the Gauteng Government. The EPWP aims to provide poverty and income relief through temporary work for the unemployed to carry out socially useful activities at the EPWP.

Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative

The Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative funds public-private partnerships that promote the bringing of wellness to communities.


UnlockD is a youth talent development organisation, focused on preparing unemployed youth to kick start their careers.

Skills Development Projects

The aim is to address the skills shortage currently experienced in our specific event related industry, through composing company and/or industry related learnerships.

Corporate Social Investment Projects, 2010 - 2018
7 January 2019

The projects and programmes the SMSA Trust has implemented.

Corporate Social Investment Statistics
4 August 2018

Total Financial Investment and Total Employment Opportunities Created - July 2018.

SMSA Trust Projects, February 2019
9 April 2019

An infographic of the impact and financial investment for various Trust projects.


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